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Terms of Use

By submitting this photo for your ID, you agree this photo will be included in your Dean College student record and used for internal directories which may be visible to members of the Dean community. If you do not accept these terms, please do not proceed with the image submission. Please email dkulesza@dean.edu if you have questions about this policy.

If you choose not to proceed, you will be required to visit the Campus Safety office, in Dean Hall lower level, to have your photo taken and your ID card produced. Call (508)-541-1888 to schedule.

This Photo Upload web site is provided by Campus Safety and Information Technology. We may update these terms and any changes will be effective immediately.

About your Student ID

Your Dean ID is the official ID card of the College and is managed by the Campus Safety Office. Additional questions can be addressed to myphoto@dean.edu. Your Dean College ID card is the property of Dean College and its use is governed by the College's regulations and policies.

How We Will Use Your Photo Image

The digital photo that you submit via this website will be used to produce your ID Card. The ID is proof of identity and provides access to your residence hall and various places on campus as well as storing your Boomer Bucks.

Other Uses of your Image

By submitting this photo for your student ID you agree this photo may be used by Dean College for Faculty Roster listings, MyCourses, and Microsoft 365 profile.


Please contact Campus Safety office if you have questions about this policy at (508) 541-1888 or myphoto@dean.edu.


Dean College does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the Photo Upload System. Monthly maintenance will occur after 5pm, typically on the 2nd and/or 3rd Friday of each month. We reserve the right to suspend use or access to this system at any time, for any reason.

Student ID Policies
  • Student Card is property of Dean College.
  • Lost cards must be reported to Campus Safety immediately.
  • The card holder is responsible for the cost of a replacement card ($50).
  • Do not lend your card to anyone for any purpose.
  • Tampering of defacing your StudentID may require you to replace it at your cost.
  • Students will be required to wear their ID so that it is visible to others whenever possible.